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  • when will your books open?
    When I open my books currently fluctuates. If you sign up for my newsletter, those are always the first people given a heads up.
  • how do I book?
    When my books open (usually a few days to a week) there will be a link in my Instagram bio and also on my website under "booking form." You will fill out a google sheet with all of the information that I need! The only times I do bookings outside of the booking time period is for last minute openings, which are announced on my Instagram stories.
  • where are you located?
    I work out of a private studio in Chinatown, Vancouver, BC.
  • What is your address?
    For the safety of myself and the other artists in the studio I do not give out the address until a 24 hours before your appointment. As a queer and BIPOC studio we aim to keep our space safe. If you need the cross stressts prior to your appointment for navigation purposes, please email me.
  • what if I have a budget?
    When submitting, please disclose a realistic budget of how much you are willing to sped- not how much you think the tattoo "will or should" cost. When choosing who gets the flash, if there are multiple people wanting the same piece I will make sure tour budget reflects the price I had in mind. I own't ever reduce the price of a flash to fit within a budget, but rather we can discuss different sizes, placments, or breaking it into multiple sessions. For custom pieces, I will design a piece that reflects your budget keeping in mind the size, colour, intricacy, and placement. If I dont think I can do your project for your budget, you may not be accepted. If I'd like to do your piece but the budget you put when submitting is too low, I may reach out to let you know what I think something like that will cost.
  • how much?
    I have an hourly rate and will estimate how long your tattoo will take me to complete at the beginning of booking. Most of my work is designed to be 4" tall and most often is around $350-450. My minimum price is $200-250. There are many variables that go into pricing ie intricacy, colour, size, and placement. I will tell you the price of the tattoo when being booked in, but if any of the variabel change at a later date, the price of the tattoo may change to reflect. I am always open on finding ways to make my work accesible without reducing my prices. If you're unable to pay all up front, we can work on the piece in multiple session or can figure out a payment plan.
  • do I have to tip?
    tipping on a tattoo is always appreciated but never expected. Please note that I am running a business and pay for all my supplies, studio time, and do all my admin, booking, and drawing time unpaid. An average tip is between 15%-25% (same as customer service, like at a restaurant) on the full price of the tattoo (before the deposit is subtracted.)
  • can I bring you a gift?
    Yes! I am always grateful for gifts instead of moentary tips, especially if it is handmade. If your gift has a large "monetray" value, let's talk about a trade- full or partial. I can't accomodate trades all of the time, but when I can I love to trade. With that said, please ask permission before bringing me things because I try not to take on extra things I don't need.
  • how much is your deposit?
    My deposit for flash is $50 and custom is $100. This deposit will be collected when choosing a date using my booking system.
  • can you put a flash piece on hold for me?
    no appointment time is final, no flash piece is claimed, and I will not start drawing customs until I receive a deposit. Claiming flash is only possible when my books are open.
  • can I get my deposit back?
    All deposits are non-refundable, but your deposit will come out of the final price of your tattoo on the day of your tattoo.
  • is my deposit valid forever?
    no! Here are some scenarios where you forfeit your deposit: 1. if you don't provide notice and don't show up to your appointment 2. If you arrive 20+ minutes late to your appointment 3. If you don't notify of a reschedule until within 48 hours of your appointment 4. If you reschedule more than once 5. If you change your custom idea after drawings have been already made 6. If you cancel your appointment entirely
  • what if I need to reschedule?
    Please give me at least 48+ hours notice if you need to reschedule an appointment. I will only reschedule an appointment twice (3 dates total.) You can email me here.
  • what if I need to cancel?
    If you need to cancel altogether, please igve me as much notice as possible. Remeber that your deposit is non-refundable. If you ahd claimed a flash peice, that piece becomes abailable to the public again.
  • why was I refused a reschedule?
    I have the right to refuse a reschedule of I do not see a productive outcome. You are more than welcome to resubmit at a later date.
  • are your inks vegan?
    all my inks are vegan, and most of my other products are as well. If you have a preference, please let me know.
  • what if I have allergies?
    I am a very sensitive guy myself so most of my products are secnt free and gentle on the skin. If you have an allergy (to anything) please let me know. I also do colour tests for those that are worried about allergies to inks, Send me an email to get booked in for a colour test!
  • what if I need a touch-up on a tattoo you did?
    All touch-ups are free from one month up to one year after your initial tattoo appointment (with a $30 deposit that will be refunded at the end of the appointment). All touch-ups done outside of the 1 year time will be charged my hourly rate. If you need to book a touch-up, please email my booking email at anytime, even if my regular books are closed.
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